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Olé Muhf*kkas!!!

Jan. 5th, 2010 | 08:48 pm

This is what's for dinner tonight, yo!

Goat cheese and roasted corn quesadillas. Added some green onions and cilantro in there, too. Just for the hell of it, I used the rest of the corn to make a corn salsa salad with chipotles en adobo sauce and Ro-tel tomatoes. It was supposed to have black beans in it as well, but I forgot that I used my only can a week ago. Ah well. Then I made some easy homemade guacamole... Good stuff, yo.

So yeah. My dinner was the shit. I needed a Mexican beer to go with it, but Sack n Save's beer selection sucks (and I did not feel like going to the Midway Mart*), so I got Modelo Especial. I was looking for Bohemia. Ah well. My first time having this beer. It was pretty good. I punch anyone in the face that likes Corona.


* It must be said that Midway Mart (on the corner of Carroll Blvd & Hickory St) has THE BEST selection of beer in the city of Denton!!! It may look like a shitty gas station from the outside, but I have yet to NOT be surprised by a new import beer, every time I go in there. Beers from Mexico, Germany, Denmark, Thailand... Pumpkin beers, pear ciders, IPAs, Stouts, Bocks, all those hefeweizens... Midway Mart has any beer for any occasion. It will be one of the few things I miss about Denton, when I eventually move away from this place.

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When drinking with friends...

Dec. 20th, 2009 | 03:09 am

It usually boils down to four topics of conversation (interspersed between bouts of incoherent and multi-fail Rock Band games):

1. Extremists vs. Extremists (Black vs white, Muslim vs. American, or something else)

2. What type of liquor we are drinking, and how we can make it better (whiskey with a squeezed lemon, and a splash of club soda is my new favorite cocktail, thanks to Leah)

3. How kids of today are nothing but spoiled punks that have no idea what it is like not to have everything handed to them, or what life was like before the Internet or cell phones.

And when we really get drunk (like I am now), the biggest conversation we have that lasts the longest seems to be: 4 Apple vs. Windows, and how it really doesn't matter what machine you buy... it's just the operating system that really matters, and people that come in to buy Macs from us at the store just because they are "cool" (I had many other reasons for my purchase) are douchebags, and people that come in to buy Windows stuff because Windows is "far better than that overpriced (which is true, to an extent) Apple crap" are douchebags as well. We also hate that Tech TV is no longer available to make people not as stupid as they are now, so we wouldn't have to spend twenty minutes with a customer explaining the difference between RAM and the hard drive. And why Steve Jobs is the shrewdest guy on the planet, because he keeps his OS closed and exclusive, so he can charge whatever the fuck he wants for his product and (even though you can get a machine with the same hardware for half the price in a Windows PC, but ah well... OS X is what works for me, and I bought a Mac that wasn't outside of my means), and still have people suckle at his tit every six months, when they change two little things on a machine and label it "new" or "revolutionary"... I personally would have liked an SD card reader and a backlit keyboard, but fuck that. I paid $80 for a 4GB RAM upgrade I did myself, and got a 500GB hard drive from a friend for free. And the only SD card device I use (or probably will use) is a digital camera that has a cord I can plug into one of my USB ports. I don't use a firewire, and I can type pretty well in low lighting. I beat the Apple system!

Now, all that I am waiting for is Verizon to get the iPhone, so I'd have a reason to get a real phone plan. My friend is getting a Droid in January (his update window), but will switch to an iPhone in a year, if it becomes available. We both like Apple, but we are also both smart enough to look past the marketing, and game their system for what it really is.


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I'm all for the small mental victories that pop up in life...

Dec. 1st, 2009 | 07:02 pm

The weather is changing. For the better.

Sweaters and jackets and ties and coats worn without the least bit of discomfort. Which is awesome.

I finally know how to make my own eggnog. From scratch. Apparently eggnog actually does has real eggs in it! I will add more liquor to my next batch, for the party I am co-hosting on Saturday. Shit's goin' down ma! My nog will be tasty, but come with a Surgeon General's warning, because I am naturally heavy with the liquor in my mixed drinks.

I'm also trying to grow a beard. It isn't working though, as usual. Why did I get the "lame facial hair" genes? My dad (God rest his soul) had a bad-ass beard. Maybe if I keep at it. Eat more protein.

I'm finally going totally vegetarian... in 30 more days. I need to read up on healthy protein replacements for meat. I heard that soy can make a man sterile. Not that I want to have kids anymore. If I ever decide to get married, and kids are wanted, I would assume that there will still be some moderately well-adjusted kids in the foster care system that would need a home. That, or we (I) could get a dog...

Soy can also give you man boobs (but only if you carry the "I'm a douche" gene).

But that is neither hear nor there.

I have a lot of stuff to do, before the year ends. Just wanted to do a small brain dump.

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What a difference a set of kitchen knives makes...

Oct. 14th, 2009 | 08:33 pm

I finally opened up my set of Oneida kitchen knives that I got for $30 at Ross ($100 retail, son!!)...

Let me tell you... Whatever I was doing before, that I thought was called "chopping" or "cutting" with those pieces of metal I thought were "knives", was not what I am doing right now. Time to up my game! It is OOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNN!!!!! Food, you are on notice!

I even bought some of the "good" parmesan cheese today (the un-shredded block kind) to put in my (store-bought, since my blender is broken) alfredo sauce. Chopped like butter, and tastes sooo good.

Next up, the mushrooms and spinach.

My eyes are truly open now to the wonders of cooking.
Time to open up my Mark Bittman book to wreck havoc!
It's still going to be vegetarian havoc right now (took a break for one day, because I was trying to get over my cold), but it will be legendary!


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This is gonna be an interesting few weeks...

Sep. 26th, 2009 | 06:57 pm

A bout of vegetarianism and celibacy...

What the hell am I getting myself into?
I think this will be an interesting lifestyle experiment, though.

Unless I go apeshit by Wednesday of this first week.
Mental toughness overcoming the carnal urges of the body.
That is basically what I'm looking for.

- Leon

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I can't find my moleskine journal...

Sep. 24th, 2009 | 11:25 pm

And I can't sleep, so I'm writing here.

I've been in a really weird place, the last couple of weeks. I've been feeling really good. I can't really explain it. Like, the "goodness" has developed as an overpowering force to battle the loneliness I feel most of the time. I've met some really awesome people over the last few months. I have to kick myself for feeling so guilty for always having the thought in the back of my head that I am just wasting their time, when we hang out. I feel so selfish, though. I feel compelled to show them my appreciation. I feel the need to show everyone who has ever done anything even remotely nice for me my appreciation. But again the guilt comes in, because there is not enough money or time (especially with my limited resources on both, maybe there never will be ever) in this world that would ever equal the level of debt or gratitude I feel toward those people. One day, I'm going to let them all know how much they have meant to me. Even if we only met for a brief moment in time,  the smallest of conversations shared between us or the most strained encounters we had to bear through have all (for good or bad) stayed with me and helped mold my thought process into what it is today. And I actually think most of it was for the best. I have a really bad habit of mistaking "love" for a sentiment of really strong force of admiration and intimate friendship. I'm working through some of that right now.

But yeah. It's time for me to stop always taking from and start giving up a piece of myself.

I dunno.
Just writing.

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Pretty Good Weekend.

Sep. 21st, 2009 | 09:52 am

Friday: Drinks and food with big group of friends/co-workers, broke a martini glass when I tried to stack my beer bottles, gave a crappy waitress a $9 tip because I forgot that they added gratuity to our bills (due to group size), drinks with smaller group of friends/co-workers, IHOP @ 2 AM with friends/co-workers, forgetting my bag that had my computer in my co-worker's trunk (got it back today)!

Saturday: Hung out with my new best friends: The Juarez's (Chris & Leah are the coolest, most unpretentious people I have ever met in Denton. They let me stay at their place until absurd hours of the night/morning, play with their dog and cats, and have great taste in film and literature. They always complain when I feel compelled to buy dinner.) We went to the Apple store in Plano to get my iPod Touch looked at (something was wrong with the audio jack). The Apple Store in Willow Bend is the best in the area! Totally got a totally new replacement for my iPod, even though what was wrong with it was more than likely totally my fault, and shouldn't have been covered. "Steve" will have great karma with him, for a while.

After Apple awesomeness: Went to Target. I found Guitar Hero: World Tour for the PS2 with a wireless guitar for $20. Then we went to Home Depot, because Chris wanted to build a new shelf for his electronics. Getting your "New Yankee Workshop" on is pretty fun. I wasn't much help, though. I bought everyone Pei Wei for dinner, and we washed it down with a case of Schlitz, and The Simpsons Movie.


So yeah, best weekend in a long while.


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It's picking up around here, but for now...

Aug. 15th, 2009 | 08:52 pm

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A Really Weird Dream: Elementary School Classmates and Factory Forklifts (7/10/09)

Jul. 11th, 2009 | 03:03 am

I need to start recording my weird dreams again. The one I just had would totally qualify as one of those...

I was at work. Though work was at some warehouse/factory/massive underground distribution center where various companies came to ship and receive product. While using an elevator/weigh station/collapsible bridge-type machine (needed to pass through to different levels), I ran across a friend from my old Talented And Gifted elementary school, K.B. Polk (Tania Innurigarro, who I had a crush on) needing to reweigh her entire shipment, individually, small piece by small piece (some sort of educational software), because her pallets broke apart. That stopped just about all other operations, because everyone else needed to use the machine as well, in order to get to where they needed. So more people came over to help us out, and I ended up seeing more of the people from my old school (Jennifer Lehe, Brian English, ect). The machine broke, or had to be moved, repositioned, or reset numerous times, so we ended up having time to talk and hang around. When I thought I had the machine in an acceptable mode of operation, I ended up setting off the fire alarm for, some reason. Everyone had to stop working and vacate the area. Slightly embarrassed, I made to comment, "I didn't set off the alarm by using that machine. That's asinine! I only set off the alarm when I set actual fires!" People immediately started to look at me weird, because of that comment. One of my old schoolmates chimed in on the "asinine" comment with, "At least he used it in the correct phrasing." I then began to backtrack and try to clarify my position on the "setting fires" comment, to not seem like an idiot, or a person that deliberately set fires, as I tried to get the machine running again... Then I work up.

What the hell, man?
Now, I will try to get back to sleep.


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Black Moses (And Other Random Musings)

Apr. 21st, 2009 | 10:46 pm

Dang. I almost made it a whole month without posting here. I wish I could say that I've been busy, but I really haven't.
Though, yeah. I've been letting my thoughts work themselves out a little. Figuring out what few things I can, right now.

I've decided that I'm going to start working out again. My new motivation is pure vanity, for the most part. That seems to be the best way to get up the drive to do something about my current state. Not ashamed to admit that if I lose the extra weight (at least convert it into a little muscle), I'd feel more confident. If I feel more confident then I'd be more apt to socialize. Socialization leads to meetings of persons of the opposite sex (or so I've concluded from my observations). So there. Some sort of positive correlation up in there somewhere. Besides, better health would be a positive consequence of all that anyway, right? Yeah. Time to feed the ego a bit. Right now, I have some sort of masochistic vanity thing going on. I have to always check myself in a mirror to make sure what little I have "going on" is "on" all the time. Getting fit will either help that, or feed the beast even more. We'll see.

Another reason to get into shape is that lately I've been put into situations that have warranted the defense of my well being with force. Not like I want to become Kimbo Slice, or anything, but yeah. For some reason, I've felt it my place to interject myself into various (well... two) situations of domestic violence. Both of which resulted in me having to deck the dude before he put his hands on the woman. The last one was just a dumb idea, because the girl was more mad at ME, and that almost got me into some serious trouble. But it's over, and I just want to forget about that altercation. So yes, getting in shape would allow me a better stance in self-defense.

On a lighter note, my music tastes (other than a little bit of hip-hop) have been stuck between the years of 1972 and 1980. It started out as Classic Rock; Clapton, Rod Stewart, Allman Brothers, Bob Seger, The Eagles. Then it went heavily into The Isley Brothers. Add a little taste of funk (Parliament, Funkadelic, Bootsy Collins). Now, this is all I can listen to...

Seriously. This is my shit, right now...
Best cover make of this song. Ever.

(They Long To Be) Close To You - Isaac Hayes

Tomorrow, I plan to be productive as hell. My day off of work, so it's time to get things done.


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